I ran across this set of six guidelines.  Not much different than general good parenting.  it is from a brochure put out by Aheuser-Busch

  1.   Be a good role model – The example you set as a responsible adult is the most important way to communicate.
  2.   Be factual – Give them the facts.
  3.   Have clearly stated rules – Share your opinions and beliefs and then make clearly understood rules and consequences if rules are broken.
  4.   Practice good parenting – Build self-esteem, communicate openly about all things and teach responsible decision-making skills.
  5.   Know your children’s friends and their parents – Be aware of the power of friends to influence your children.  Learn the other families’ values and rules.
  6.   Get help if you need it.  If you think a sudden change in behavior may be due to alcohol or drug abuse, seek professional advice immediately.