Cal/OSHA looking to implement strict COVID-19 Workplace Protections for Unvaccinated California Workers.

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CLICK HERE to learn about the new requirements, or LEARN MORE about triggers that require an employer to provide testing.



Order the required amount of kits needed to be on hand at your location(s) for any outbreak.


Provide a Collection Kit to the associate and she/he  uses their cell phone and follows the online instructions to complete the self-collection & ship the sample to the Lab using our prepaid FedEx shipping supplies.

  • Note: We suggest someone monitor their registration and collection to ensure they do it correctly.
  • OR depending on your location, we can visit your site and provide that monitoring for a small fee.
  • You e-mail us the name of the associate testing.


Negative results are reported directly back to your company & the associate. At time of registration the associate will have the option to receive those negative results via email or text.

Positive results are reported to the employer & the ordering physician who will contact the donor with the result & additional instructions regarding self-quarantining. You and your company designees have the option of logging into a HIPAA secure site to receive the results.

We have partnerships with ”Ordering Physicians” in California that may be utilized or you may use your own “Ordering Physician”. We will fulfill all mandatory statewide reporting requirements.


$62.00, per kit. Includes tax and delivery.

Must be ordered in lots of 10.
One year shelf life.

Testing and Reporting: $105.00 – $110.00

Only charged if the kit is used.

Why a PCR Test versus an Antigen Test?

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the best and most specific method to identify an active, infectious disease in your body and in specific cells. Whereas an Antigen test looks for specific antibodies that could be produced by viruses other than COVID 19.

See How Simple It Is

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    Triggers that require an employer to provide testing:

    1. When there is one case in the workplace:
      • Employer must offer free COVID-19 testing during working hours to all employees who have potential COVID-19 exposure in the workplace.
    2. “Multiple COVID-19 Infections and COVID-19 Outbreaks” defined as a place of employment that has been identified by a local health department as the location of a COVID-19 outbreak or when there are three or more COVID-19 cases in an exposed workplace within a 14-day period:
      • Provide COVID-19 testing to all employees at the exposed workplace during the period of the outbreak or the relevant 14-day period. Testing must be:
        • Free; offered during employee working hours; and conducted immediately upon being covered by this outbreak definition.
        • Employers must then offer this same testing again one week later for the same employees.
        • After the first two COVID-19 tests, continuous COVID-19 testing of employees who remain at the workplace, at least once per week, or more frequently if recommended by the local health department.
    3. “Major COVID-19 Outbreaks” defined as 20 or more COVID-19 cases in an exposed workplace within a 30-day period:
      • Provide COVID-19 testing for all employees present at the exposed workplace during the relevant 30-day period(s) and who remain at the workplace. Testing must be:
        • Free of charge;
        • Offered during employee working hours; AND
        • Testing must be conducted twice a week or more frequently if recommended by the local health department.